Are you feeling the impact of adult social services difficulties?

Or caring for someone whose care and support services aren’t working properly?

It might be because the Care Act has never been properly funded by central government, and that expert legal advice about what to do, in that situation, is very thin on the ground, or unaffordable.

CASCAIDr CIC aims to be your preferred destination for the best information and analysis about exactly that sort of concern – or associated health funding from the NHS, for anyone interested in legal rights to care and support, across England and Wales.
It’s a site for everyone who needs to find things out about the care system, and all our legal rights to decent care and support.

First and foremost, it’s for people with any kind of condition, disability, illness or impairment – anyone who might need the support and funding offered by councils under the Care Act, 2014.
It’s for their relatives and friends, too, if the system doesn’t seem to be working quite the way it’s supposed to
But it’s also for all the people working in this field, from any sector or perspective, if they care about legally literate practice. We get the social workers we deserve, and they need support to practise as professionals, as well.

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