I cannot give enough praise to CASCAIDr!

“I cannot give enough praise to CASCAIDr! They took a very unjust situation and made it all better!  We were handed an ultimatum to make a direct payment of £900.00 to a private ambulance firm or my father would not be discharged from hospital and transported to the waiting care home out of area. I had no real alternative options but also wished to minimise the stress on all concerned – particularly on my 97 year old father. We were informed by CASCAIDr that this was not a lawful charge, explaining the rationale as to why the cost of the ambulance was part and parcel of the duty to place in the area of his choice. The council ultimately took full responsibility for their error, apologised for the unnecessary stress they had caused, reimbursed the full amount and most importantly shared the learning with other social services such that others did not do the same (we believe).”

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