I am pleased to report that I have made good progress

I am pleased to report that I have made good progress with my daughter’s support plan and associated budget that I proposed to the LA.  The budget and justification for the funds has been approved.  The LA also approved the cost for using PAs – as I highlighted to the LA, this arrangement meets my daughter’s care needs.  I was thrilled that the LA accepted that the support plan should be based entirely on meeting her needs as opposed to budget constraints. I also requested a full reassessment of her financial contribution, and the outcome was completely fair and we are very happy with that also. I really appreciate the time you have given to my quandary.  The past few months have been very stressful, but I am pleased that this has come to an end with very satisfactory outcomes for her – long may that continue.  She’s now settled living back at home with me with a good routine in place with x2 PA support.  She’s blossoming once again.

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