What is the difference between an assessment and a review? And do social workers need to be upfront about which they’re conducting?

An assessment identifies the person’s full extent of difficulties having anything to do with a need for care or support.
A review is a look at a care or support plan to see how it has been working to achieve the meeting of need.
A re-assessment is something that one must have before anyone revises one’s current care plan. But it is not necessarily as comprehensive or searching as one’s first assessment; it all depends on the context of the proposed revision to the care plan.

All staff discharging functions under the Care Act should be clear as to what it is that they think that they’re doing, obviously. Different rules about consent, involvement, and documentation for each of the stages of the Care Act exist. What is common to all is that they must all be done lawfully, ie in accordance with public law principles of transparency and rationality

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