Our case workers do their stuff for CASCAIDr’s clients for low set rates, according to the task performed. All of them are Care Act experts, and have been drawn from various backgrounds where they’ve had to think about some of the difficult issues that the Care Act and NHS law have left unclear so far.

Our case workers might be qualified lawyers in their private professional spheres but we do not ever hold them out as such, because of the rules of professional regulation.

All are insured through our professional indemnity insurance policy.

When they work on a client’s matter, they are advising US, the organisation, and we will then take responsibility for the work, when we pass it on to you.

Before we put our weight behind a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for your case, we will always get a barrister’s opinion, so that you can make a well-informed decision before going further; having that opinion in your possession already will make the money raised by crowdfunding go further because it will be referred to on your crowdfunding page and obviate the need for a solicitor to do all the usual preliminary work.

When we have taken the matter as far as we can, you may choose to instruct a regulated professional adviser who has already worked on your case, in a private and direct relationship – that is up to you.

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