CASCAIDr Crusaders Form

Thank you for your payment of the up-front cost, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.

You MUST fill in the form, to get an advocate – we need you to tell us what you think the issue is, who is the person who is the focus of the meeting.

We’d like to know whether you have any specific legal authority to ‘stand in the person’s shoes’ – for the purposes of their insisting on the involvement of CASCAIDr as a private advocate? 

The law of FAIRNESS allows the person at the heart of the process in question, to insist on the involvement of a person of their choosing – if they have got sufficient mental capacity to understand the point of that sort of help. 

This principle applies explicitly to Care Act assessments, care planning, combined reviews and revisions of plans or budgets, as well as to safeguarding enquiries. 

The same sort of principle also applies to people lacking in capacity to insist for themselves, through the concept of best interests consultation of anyone interested in the person’s welfare under the Mental Capacity Act, so it’s good for Continuing NHS HealthCare patients and s117 Mental Health Act aftercare clients too, at least for meetings about care plans.

If the person at the centre of the forthcoming meeting lacks mental capacity to say that our help is what they’d want, to either the council or the ICB, and you have no formal legal authority to act on the person’s behalf, you need to tell the funding body why you think the person’s rights under the legal framework might well be at risk, without knowledgeable support from us – and that the intention of having us there is to minimise the chances of that happening, such that it should be accepted as being in the person’s best interests, and therefore make any information sharing with us, that we might ask for, legitimate. 

You may also need to stipulate to your contact that the forthcoming meeting needs to be online, over Zoom or Teams, for a person-centred approach to what the individual would benefit from, so that this private advocacy service can be made accessible. 

We can help you with that task, if needs be. That all takes time, so the best thing to do is to act FAST and think carefully when you fill out the form.