CASCAIDr’s founder has compiled a database throughout her career of Court judgements in reported and unreported cases, analysis, predictions and commentary. And the odd rant.

Financial support from the Access to Justice Foundation has enabled us to commit to reconfiguring this database, so that it is much more easily able to be navigated by public and professionals alike, even if they don’t think that they know enough to find their own ways in.

We are opening all of it up for free in 2023, including many pre-considered searchable Questions and Answers which used to be access through an annual subscription. We’ll be providing for current ‘one off Q&As’ to be able to be typed in by anyone on a new page, where they will be answered by our team instead of requiring a formal referral for advice.

This database work is being informed by our aim to make sure that things that aren’t available elsewhere for free, can still be found here.

For the moment, this Search box is only able to work on the site as a whole. If you know you’re looking for an Ombudsman’s report or our Q&A Collection, you need to use the Search tools in those specific Areas. Click here for the Ombudsman’s Reports, and click here for the CASCAIDr Q&A Collection. Please bear with us – we’re going as fast as we can.

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