It’s easy to make a donation to CASCAIDr, and we hope we have inspired you to do so.

Please contribute, using one of the buttons below.

You will be able to click to do the GiftAid declaration, if you are a UK taxpayer. Saying yes to adding GiftAid adds 25% to what we get, courtesy of His Majesty’s Government!

We’re happy with whatever amount donors can afford, even if it’s just £10.00, especially if it can come in, a little and often; we’re in this sector for the long term and need to keep going.

We’d really appreciate your sign-up for automated ongoing contributions – monthly is how that works.

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Donate with JustGiving.Pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay or Direct Debit.

You can click on either one of the Donation buttons above, to donate to our cause, core costs and ongoing output. Each of the routes takes card payments, please note.

If you are a member of the Charities Aid Foundation, and use its paperwork, all you need to do is state our name (CASCAIDr) and beneficiary number, which is 31000809282.

If you are donating via JustGiving, please note that there is a dropdown box below the donation amount which is set to donate 15% to the JustGiving platform itself – by default, and not to us. If you do not want to fund JustGiving in this way, please make sure you select ‘Other‘ from the list, and change the contribution to something different, or to £0.00, if you’d prefer.

Our alternative Donation Button was the most cost-effective giving site we could find, and that means we’re maximising the use to which we can put your donation.
It costs just 10p per donation (and 1.4% of the amount goes to the card company). There are no transaction fees, only a card processing fee. We are advised that if donors added £1 to every £60 they want to donate, they would be covering the card fee and the company’s own processing charge, in any event. So a donation of £61.00
means we receive £75.30 if you can tick the Gift Aid box, or £60.05 if not.

Business donors
If you are a business, you can donate and make it a tax deduction, because of our charitable status.

If you’re a business with publicly funded health and social care clients, how about setting that as £1 per client per year, as an affordable suggestion? Or £2 a year per client, if you are a private for-profit provider?

Whatever the basis of your business, we’d be just as happy if you took out a Package Deal if you’re a lawfirm, health/social care/support provider, support broker or
advocacy organisation. Package Deals are equally tax deductible, because the membership fee means you’re buying actual benefits, and all the money goes into
the Charity’s funds.

Just email for a Package Deal invoice, from the Trading Company, if that’s your preferred means of supporting us.

If you or your staff like being sponsored to DO amazing things, we’d love it if you were to organise a fund-raiser for CASCAIDr. We can provide you with blurb, pictures, success stories to help you, too!

Major donations really improve the amount of assistance we can provide to those with care and support-related public law legal problems. It could lead to a person receiving advice when no one else is willing and/or able to help.

Your generosity, towards the end of your life, through a legacy, could make a real and lasting positive difference to the lives of many of our typical users and clients.

If you would like to make a major donation or leave a legacy please feel free to email

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