Annual Membership Subscription Packages – CASCAIDr Trading Ltd

  • Self-employed individuals (such as trainers and brokers),
  • Organisations
    • such as advocacy providers
    • parent- or user-led groups
    • law firms, and sets of barristers’ chambers, third sector advice clinics
    • and providers of care or support, brokerage, day services or counselling,

might like to consider subscribing for an annual membership package for services from the Charity’s trading arm, instead of making a direct donation.

CASCAIDr Trading Ltd offers an annual membership package, with benefits that are designed to give subscribers a choice of routes in to an ongoing relationship with the charity and its case workers.

We’re not like a law firm! The membership options reflect a flexible balance between finding the money for the fee, or offering CASCAIDr the benefit of input – the kind that the individual or organisation’s people would already be likely to have engaged in, with the member of the public who needs the help.

Aware individuals/organisations are in a position to offer CASCAIDr a very valuable resource, which should make the charity more efficient. That is, the committed and careful probing of the client’s situation, their wishes and aims – which is all work that most prospective members would be doing, anyway, in order to deliver on their own task, within their own remit, whatever that might be – such as support, advocacy or welfare benefits maximisation.

If you’re a law firm or a set of chambers, with young team members who you’d like to support going up the learning curve of health and care law, then we can help you – and you can maybe give us occasional access to use of a room or promote our existence and charitable status in any newsletter that you issue to clients.

Take-up from the provider and advice sector will also help build a network which is essential for looking for cases about particular issues or principles – cases that would be the strongest ones to support beyond CASCAIDr’s ‘standard’ output and on to the Administrative Law Court, on the facts, and hence the ones most likely cases to make for useful precedents about PRINCIPLES, for others.

All the revenue made from these packages goes to support the work of the charity itself, after deduction of the expenses of servicing the membership packages and running costs of the Trading Company.

Membership is not meant to exclude the possibility of a donation from the organisation, of course: it’s an alternative, or an additional way of benefiting from CASCAIDr’s existence, charitable status and skills of its contractors.


Subscription Benefits


Any individual or organisation taking out an annual membership with CASCAIDr Trading will get

  • in the first membership year, access to the Care Act Legal Framework training webinars from Belinda Schwehr’s 2016-17 series, numbers 1-12 (the whole of the customer’s journey through the adult social care process), for yourself, or any staff/members within your organisation
  • twice a year, a 1 hr case law round up by webinar to keep you or all your staff/members up to date with judicial reviews and any MCA cases that impact on assessment or care planning law
  • 3 hours of advice for you, your organisation or its staff/members, about any aspect of adult social care from the charity’s specialist advisers. That might be about safeguarding, contract wrangles with the State, members’ personal social care questions on behalf of their relatives, etc.
  • Access to 15 years’ worth of expertly authored Q&A on the legal framework – searchable, for all your staff or members, once they have registered for a verifiable account…



Subscription Fees

( – all payable by annual invoice from

Care Brokers who are self-employed can be members for £150 per year – the only help we ask for is that they encourage individuals to make donations, or offer word-spreading in some other tangible way.

Parent/User-led and local Advocacy Organisation subscription costs £200 pa, with some other valuable form of help, at our discretion….

Advocacy Organisations of any nature, charitable or otherwise, can subscribe for £250 per year for up to 10 staff or members (so this fee is per local group, if you are a regional or national organisation). We also offer a subscription package for advocacy organisations which is discounted for input: £150 a year if you are prepared to designate someone through whom any case that is to be referred for the charity’s normal services to direct clients will already have been channelled to check if the referral form has been adequately filled out.

Social Care Provider and Housing Association subscription costs are scaled, from £400 – £650 pa, depending on size – and 20% off subsequent years, at the end of the year, if other valuable help has been provided.

Law firm subscriptions are also scaled from £500 – £850 pa, depending on the number of fee-earners who would benefit from the training webinars. But if you can supply pro bono hours through solicitors, to assist in analysis of people’s problems, or ensure that direct referrals of cases to us arrive shipshape in terms of a statement of facts, you can have a refund of 20%, at the end of the year, if you so choose – you might even like to donate it!

We are not charging VAT, until we are obliged to, so grab a subscription-based package deal now! Apply for a package deal subscription!


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