Self Help Suggestions

Before you fill out our referral form here, please consider whether you can sort out your own problem by using the sources we have put up for free here: [much of this is in the process of being created at this moment, and we are going as fast as we can in light of the problems people are sending us – send yours to!]
What to say if:

1. You have been told that your package will be cut, but

A) WITHOUT ANY review or re-assessment having taken place
B) WITH re-assessment but no explanation as to what has changed 
C) WITH re-assessment and an explanation of what has changed being one of the following:
– Your needs have lessened because your skills, robustness, mental health etc have improved 
– Your needs have lessened because you have more informal care available to you which it is reasonable for you to use 
– Your needs have lessened because your environment has changed 
D) WITH re-assessment but on the footing that the new WAY of meeting need, which is cheaper, will just have to do (eg you need only generalist care, not specialist care OR technology will achieve the same as people did, before….)  
E) WITH re-assessment but on the footing that you will be better off without the old level of service or funding

2.  We believe we could meet your needs for £xxx – because that is what we pay care homes in the area. 

3.  You cannot have a bigger budget for care at home than it would cost us to meet your needs in a care home

4.  You are not eligible for assessment 

5.  You are not eligible for a funded advocate under the Care Act

6.  You are not able to have a direct payment for the following reason:

A) because we are not doing them at the moment / the process is just too complicated and it will take too long

B) because we don’t think it’s an appropriate way to meet your needs…

C) because you haven’t got sufficient mental capacity to ask for one

D) because you wouldn’t be able to manage one, day to day

E) because we don’t approve of your preferred helper

F) you can’t have one, unless you use one of our preferred providers for the care services you’ll be buying

7.  You can HAVE a direct payment but the size of your budget for your direct payment will be calculated based on the cost for which we could meet your needs if we were buying the services… 

8.  If you have a direct payment you must have a direct employee or live in care and we will not give you any more than that cost. [link tbc]

9. You must pay a top up if your relative wants to stay where s/he is now that their capital has depleted [link tbc]

10. You cannot stay where you are with your family or live alone if you want us to meet your eligible assessed needs: you will have to move into supported living with other people [link tbc] or else go to a care home


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