Applying for a place on 2023/2024 CASCAIDr’s Public Level Community Care Law Course

Our Public Course – Empowerment Unleashed

Course dates: The Public course will begin 20th September 2023 and will finish 11th September 2024. Please see the full list of dates at the end of this page. We take a break in December and for most of August.

Course format: All our courses take place online, via Zoom, on a Wednesday evening, led in person by our CEO Belinda Schwehr. There will be one session every 3-4 weeks, and each session will last 2-2.5hrs. Each session will consist of a 1.5 hour lecture, followed by a break-out session and then a whole group Q&A for questions raised in the Zoom Chat or the break-outs. Sessions end between 9pm and 9.30pm depending on the pace and the number of questions.

Each session is recorded, enabling you to access the recording again at a later time (and for a period of up to 3 months at the end of your course). Each session also comes with detailed slide presentations for you to review, as well as curated reading material for preparation for the following session or consolidation after the lecture.

Who’s it for? People drawing on care and health services, family carers, informal supporters, and generic advocacy suppliers and peer support groups.

Course content: We will study 14 topics arising from and around the Care Act – please see the of topics full list at the end of this page – using past and current case law, and delving into case studies and reading links. We will also be looking at how accountability can work in practice, given the two different legal frameworks of health and social care, whilst those bodies are busy trying to integrate to do a better job by the clients and patients to whom they owe duties.

Do you provide certificates? Yes, on application, if you have had reasonable attendance or we can see you’ve accessed the recorded materials.

What does this course cost? £85 (no VAT applicable) to be paid in advance of the course start date. We will offer a limited number of free and hardship places, subject to specific criteria. There are no refunds for anyone who decides it’s not for them, or who for any other reason, is unable to continue, although we will offer you a place if the course runs again, if you drop out before session 4. You get the recordings, so you don’t lose out.

What are the technical requirements for taking part in the course?
– Computer/Laptop with Windows 10 or above, or Apple Mac.
– Internet connection, preferably 10Mbps or above.
– Zoom software (a basic ‘free’ account is fine).

What are the entry criteria for taking part in the course?  There are no formal entry criteria, other than being able and willing to do the Guided Learning and Supported Study reading, every week. You can attend for just the lectures but honestly, you will find the reading speeds up learning. You will not be helped, outside of whatever is feasible via your Learning Circle, nor examined, formally, but you will be encouraged, enthused and motivated – and we hope there will be many ‘lightbulb’ moments.

I want to join! What do I need to do now?
– Please send an email to, expressing your interest in the course and outlining your key reason/s for undertaking it.
– Please let us know whether you wish to be considered for a free or hardship place.
– Please tell us if you will be paying or whether it will be someone else, like an employer.
– We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 7 days and we will let you know whether your application has been successful ASAP, but no later than Friday 18th August 2023. If successful, we will then send you details as to how to make payment and other relevant information.

Dates and Topics covered in the Public Course

**Please note dates are subject to change, although changes are rare**

DateSession numberSession title
20 Sep 2023 1Introduction and sorting out Learning Circles and the basics of how law ‘works’ in this field
11 Oct 20232Advocacy, Involvement, Participation
22 Nov 20233Assessment
20 Dec 20244Eligibility
7 FEB 2024
3 Jan 2024
5Care Planning and Choice
31 Jan 20246Reviews and Revisions
20 Mar 2024
28 Feb 2024
7Carers’ Rights
17 APR 2024
27 Mar 2024
8The Mental Capacity Aspect of the Care Act
8 MAY 2024
24 Apr 2024
9Direct Payments
29 May 2024
22 May 2024
10Continuing NHS Health Care
19 Jun 202411S117 Mental Health Aftercare
10 Jul 2024
17 Jul 2024
7 Aug 2024
14 Aug 2024
13Complaints and other remedies
11 Sep 202414Legal Aid and judicial review
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