Poor Complaint Handling Within The Council Itself

We only have one stand out report in this category so far, but that is mainly because so many LGO reports touch on how Councils respond to complaints – normally slowly, or they do not respond to all aspects of a complaint. Councils should respond to all complaints, ‘in a timely manner’, and at the very least acknowledge the receipt of a complaint and tell you they are dealing with/considering the issues you have raised. You can make a complaint about the care/services you personally receive, or you can make a complaint on behalf of someone if they are unable to (due to mental/physical incapacity).

WorcestershireWorcestershire County Council at fault for inadequately dealing with complaints about the quality of care in a care home it commissioned18 018 809
CroydonCroydon found at fault for basing respite care decisions on costs and ‘gatekeeping’ complaints21 013 878
Northampton BoroughNorthampton Borough Council at fault for its poor quality and delay of works carried out under a Disabled Facilities Grant, and its poor communication and complaints handling19 007 481
NewhamNewham found to be at fault for disorganised and delayed planning of transition from children’s to adults’ services and for not responding appropriately to a complaint about it21 014 948
NorthumberlandNorthumberland County Council at fault for causing considerable distress but not as having contributed to the death of a man subject to flawed safeguarding22 002 090
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