CASCAIDr’s Care Act Round-Up

CASCAIDr’s adult social care and Care Act Round-Up

Welcome to CASCAIDr’s last ever fortnightly Adults’ Social Care and Care Act Round-Up

This is the last issue of our Round-up, published since June 2022, to promote legal literacy in adult social care law. 

In this issue, we’ve collated a comprehensive list of sources for this kind of information for people who draw on services, their carers, providers, social work and legal practitioners to help everyone continue to keep abreast of social care legal developments. 

If you find this resource useful, please consider donating to our last ever Crowdfunder for an existing client of ours, who really needs your help to get legal representation regarding care planning by her ICB which has left her parents doing most of her care, including skilled nursing inputs.

We’re delighted to go out on a high in terms of the rule of law. Croydon Council, where there are government-appointed panel members in place, supposedly helping the council with its solvency, has been excoriated by the High Court. The judge found Croydon responsible for a breach of article 3 human rights, through the social care team’s approach. Durham County Council has also shown itself up in an LGSCO (ombudsman) report into several types of fault in its ASC practice, which we’ve turned into a farewell quiz!

Finally, we’d like to flag up that our own Legacy Campaign, Going Public, has attracted a crack team of barristers, with specialist social care and public law skills, for those opinions. You can see who’s going to be doing this work for us, here.

In this edition:

In this edition, Adam Webb and Rachel Pegrum have given you details of sources of information where you can continue to access pertinent information related to the topics we have been reporting on, under their respective headings:

  • Ombudsman Decisions
  • Legislation, Case Law and Statutory Guidance
  • Older People
  • Physical Disability, Learning Disability and Autism
  • Mental Capacity and the Court of Protection
  • Mental Health
  • Carers
  • Workforce
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Finance
  • Care Homes and Providers
  • General Information on Adult Social Care
  • Organisations Providing Advocacy and Access to Legal Justice
  • On the go….Podcasts
  • From CASCAIDr

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